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- The History of Sutor Mantellassi -

Sutor Mantellassi


The story of Sutor Mantellassi began in 1912 with Enea and Ettore, two brothers in the Mantellassi family, starting their shoe atelier in Tizzana, a small village near Florence.

From 1916 to 1918, Enea worked for a shoemaker as an apprentice. Through this apprenticeship,
he attained artistic shoe-making skills. He returned to his home in Tizzana
and focused on solidifying his own atelier based on the know-how he had gained.


Sutor Mantellassi in 1930’s

The shoes crafted by Enea and Ettore became popular in the 1930s among local nobles as well as patrons from other regions. This popularity enabled their business to go global.


Sutor Mantellassi in 1945

In 1945, the Mantellassi family moved their atelier to Bologna and started collaborative work with local shoemakers, expert craftsmen with years of experience.


Enea's son, Ledo, made history for the family business by producing shoes of the highest quality. In 1950, he opened shoe stores in the wealthiest neighborhoods of Bologna and Florence. Then, Ledo Mantellassi named his family's shoe brand Sutor Mantellassi in 1962.

Sutor is Latin for shoemaker or skillful cobbler. Inspired by the great craftsmanship of shoemakers, the logo combines a crown and the two initials of Sutor Mantellassi.


Thanks to our excellent techniques and elegant styles, prominent figures in South Korea and other countries have chosen products by Sutor Mantellassi. Gabriele D’Annunzio, Ezra Pound, and Oriana Fallaci are among those who love our brand. In August 1965, Marcello Mastroianni wore our shoes when he left his footprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2000, Sutor Mantellassi opened its showroom and boutique in the main street of Milan, one of the world's most important fashion capitals,
solidifying its global reputation. After that, more shops were opened in other cities such as Florence, Paris, and Berlin.

All products at Sutor Mantellassi are still manufactured and dyed by hand to create harmony between contemporary and
classic fashions and to pursue perfection in style as well as innovation.

These efforts we've made over the past years make the brand Sutor Mantellasi an iconic Italian shoe brand. Today,
we are loved by customers at luxury department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue in the US and Harrods in the UK.